Jobs with significant meanings
Frank Cotolo
Most people would like their jobs to have a strong and important contributions to society. A recent study shows that 58 percent of people working in North America feel what they do for a living makes the world a better place to live.
A lot of those people make minimun wage and none of them sell Ecstacy. Teachers, park rangers, police officers and hotel desk clerks do not make much money but they feel what they do is worth what they don't earn, or some excuse like that.
But professionals make much more money and hence believe their jobs are just as important to the well-being of mankind than those who make pittance. This raised the question: Which jobs have the most significance? That question raises another question: What do you have to know to get the higher paying jobs with significant meaning?
Five high-paying jobs are considered those with the most meaningful contributions, according to a survey. Here are those jobs and what you would need to know to apply for them.
Dermatologist (avg. pay $212,000)
The specialist that diagnoses bad things going on in the skin must be aware that there is more skin on a person's body than any other one piece of body. A Dermatologist has to have a good gastronomicist because doing the job means looking at many naked parts of the body. Also, supple use of a magnifying glass is expected.
FBI supervisory special agent (avg. pay $130,000)
Male or female, an agent must be willing to shave all head hair off. As well, dressing plainly is imperative and tie clips are forbidden. Smiling is frowned upon.
Senior construction manager (avg. pay $120,000)
Buildings for seniors must have a solid foundation, so managing the construction of one is a tender task with a great attention to the detail of working elevators.
Deputy fire chief (ag. Pay $75,000)
The work of a deputy fire chief is more important than being the chief, since it involves knowing your fellow firefighters, as well as being able to work at an actual fire. Smokers need not apply.
Sign language interpretor (ag. Pay $75,000)
Know many languages before applying or forget it. Also, it will not help if you can make perfect shadow puppets.
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