October 2013
Skin Deep
Halloween is on its way. If art is not your forte, you could still get away with a simple skeleton look by having some sponges, white/black face paint, and a black khol liner. Aesthetician and makeup artist Melissa Piazza shows you how, step by step.
Step #1
Draw in black circles around the eyes. Follow the outline of your eye as a guide. Then with black face paint, or a black face crayon, color in the circle until it is completely black.
When finished, use a sponge or foundation brush to cover the entire face with white face paint (preferably liquid/cream base).
If using a liquid, white foundation, wait for it to completely dry before putting black paint on top. This stops from both colors to mix and turn gray.
Step #2
Apply a thin line across the forehead with a black khol liner, or a black crayon, and smudge the line to blend into the face. By doing this you are allowing the skeleton to look more realistic. You do not want a defined line.
To get the angry expression, scrunch your eyes together, and follow the natural line your eyebrows make to draw two lines. This again is done with a black khol liner, and blended in with a sponge.
Step #3
Smile and draw a faint line, outlining your cheek bones. Carry the line towards your ear. With eyeshadow, blend the line with a sponge or brush.
Draw a line to the bottom of the lips and connect it to the cheek as shown in the picture. Color in any open spaces with black paint or a black crayon.
Step #4
Draw in thin, black, lines (vertically) on the lips to create teeth. You could use a thin brush, liquid liner, or a khol eyeliner. With a sponge, blend the edges to create a realistic grin.
Highlight the teeth by putting white paint inside to create the illusion of teeth. Dip a sponge in black eyeshadow and blend along the face, defining the jaw line the most.
Step #5
For the final step, this is when you would add all your final touches. This consists of cracks, white shimmer to highlight the white, or more black/gray shadow to blend in some defined lines.
Melissa Piazza, aesthetician and makeup artist, is available to create the perfect look for you. For more information, click here or e-mail her at piazzamelissa@gmail.com.
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