30 Minutes or Less (2011)
Starring: Jesse Eisenberg, Danny McBride, Aziz Ansari and Nick Swardson.
Release Date: August 12, 2011
30 Minutes or Less is a film that relies on the concept of shock, and the preview did not give away any vital clues. The explosions alone made us curious...
Recent titles have not been terribly worthy of a positive review in my honest opinion because film studios have failed to capture the right formula that would excite both moviegoers and critics. In general, I'm more of a critic than a moviegoer, so I tend to be a little pickier with praise.
I have to admit that I wasn't particularly bought on the plot for "30 Minutes or Less" at first glance; even though the preview was spectacularly dramatic with a fair amount of humour, I was expecting another one of those flicks where the plot would not be the focus. A cousin and I walked into the theatre with plenty of anticipation.
The preview says nothing at all with what the movie is all about. You have a man who's bent on trying to kill someone, uses a pizza delivery guy as a pawn, and ends up in a climax that has plenty of violence. The cast of fresh actors and actresses here add great chemistry to the mix.
Although swearing takes prominence in much of the dialogue (at least two or three words a minute at bare minimum), the plot is very cohesive and easily understood - well, anything involving a bomb could be easily comprehended in this cynical era.
I like how the action doesn't build up - they made a sort of emotional rollercoaster where any of the characters you see could end up in dire consequences at any point - with surprises at every turn. Nothing is out for contemplation until it's all over.
This is around an hour and a half of drama that balances the sappy soap opera and the heavy metal blood-dripping horror. Like in every movie, there is a love interest for the main character, but there is plenty of conflict and things to laugh at as well.
A definite thriller enjoyable by most adults, but I highly suggest you follow the film ratings. Things can get quite offensive if you don't get the context of it.
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