Boston Pizza
Mississauga (City Centre)
Date Visited: August 27, 2011
The casual dining market is full of choices and the chains that vie for your ongoing patronage. Boston Pizza has spent more than its share of money on advertising their place as a thriving atmosphere with good food.
The last time I visited a Boston Pizza was nearly six years ago on Clifton Hill in Niagara Falls with Mike, so it's rather ironic that I'm dining with him this time around on this visit. It's a matter of coincidence that we had not visited this chain for so long, though we were a bit cautious as my sister Liz went through a less than satisfying dining experience at a different Boston Pizza location rather recently.
Mississauga's growing, and so are the tastes of its diners, which explains why this member of the chain recently opened. The dining areas consist of a modern, chic decor which is plenty to gawk at, which matches the chic outfits the staff are wearing.
We were shown to a table that was mostly natural light by the summer sun - which we noticed when someone started adjusting the blinds rather abruptly - and were served by a bubbly waitress who seemed distracted at some point.
We started with some pizza bread that was dusted with some parmesan and served with an addictive marinara sauce. I then ordered a simple burger with fries, while Mike had a Boston cheesesteak (cheesesteaks in Boston?) which were both tasty and easy to dig in.
In all I wished the staff were more attentive, and the washrooms were not on the second floor, but it was a better than expected experience for the most part.
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