The Pickle Barrel
Date Visited: July 23, 2011
Newmarket's a growing town, and a growing town means there's a growing appetite for something new. The Pickle Barrel has finally moved north of the nearer suburbs of Toronto, opening a new location here.
It was very busy. My mom made reservations (on a Friday) for 5 pm as that's the latest they take them on Saturday. We got there, saying that we had reservations for the round booth. She didn't listen and took us to a smaller cramped table – after we said again that we had booked the booth, the server checked and said it was occupied.
The server took our drink orders – I ordered a bellini – and it came ten minutes after everyone else's drinks due to a problem with the ice machine. Then our server said that she'd be right back to take our order, and disappeared for a while. It was about 5:40 pm when she finally came to take our food order, 40 minutes after we were seated.
Thankfully, the food was delicious. I asked the server to get the rest of my sister's order and my order “to go”. She came back with Katie's food, yet not mine. She said “sorry, I didn't hear you”.
We paid (with no tip) and left.
I know it's a new place that has just opened and it was busy since it was a Saturday, but there's no excuse for throwing out half a plate of food and waiting 40 minutes to take an order.
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