Boston Pizza
Interchange, Vaughan
Date Visited: October 30, 2011
Wedged between a movie theatre and an independent sports bar, the Boston Pizza at the Interchange in Vaughan is part of a complex that is completely devoted to entertainment and hospitality. If done well, Boston Pizza tends to gain from a crowd that aims to empty their pockets when they're in the area.
The food was good but it feels as if there was only one waitress. Slow seemed to be the keyword of our meal, and we appreciate her attentiveness despite the challenges.
Being a resident of Vaughan for just over a decade, the Interchange seemed to be a mystery for me, and it was a pleasant surprise to find this Boston Pizza location. Leanne and I came in to try the appetizers their sports bar looked very typical - complete with the scratched wooden floors and high stools.
Their portion sizes were fine and we both easily fulfilled our appetites on the appetizers. The service might have been a bit slow but it was a Sunday afternoon after all.
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