Jack Astor's
Colossus Centre, Woodbridge
Date Visited: June 25, 2011
This Jack Astor's location is part of a large shopping centre that attracts a diverse clientele - from moviegoers to grooms to consumers buying in bulk. But it's the guaranteed informal atmosphere, with the paper tablecloths that you can draw on, that pulls in diners.
I had Chicken Parmesan Bow Ties - my fav pasta at Jack Astor's. Always filling with a large portion size so I always have leftovers for lunch the next day. The chicken is breaded and crispy just right, while the pasta is in a light creamy sauce with sun dried tomatoes.
My mainstay, and gauge in comparing the quality any straight eatery, is the Classic Burger as they call it. It's probably more common than classic since it's a straightforward hamburger with higher than average quality beef. It's served in a neat rectangular plate garnished with a good sized pickle and a Thai-inspired metal storage contraption filled with a small quantity of french fries.
What stood out for me is the engaging service you get - don't know how the staff could handle the slogans on their shirts - but the wifi certainly adds to the value of the place.
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