Kelsey's Woodbridge
Piazza del Sole
Date Visited: July 18, 2011
Kelsey's recently introduced a new menu that seems to be the result of simplification. However, the homey atmosphere that they've built for themselves through the years looks to be its continuing mainstay - supported by a friendly waitress this time around.
They've changed the Chicken Parmesan. Instead of two chicken breasts you get one with a larger portion of pasta, and a soup or salad.
The broccoli cheddar soup was amazing as usual and very filling. The chicken itself was good but not wonderful. The breaded part was a little too crispy for me, maybe a tad overdone which meant it slid right off the chicken when you cut it.
The garlic bread wasn't toasted as much as usual, so it was a tad doughy. The pasta was good; I liked the creamy sauce. Overall - good, but it has tasted better on other occasions.
Adding to Leanne's predictability, I ordered my usual - the classic burger with fries. The burger itself had a good grilled taste, but it didn't stand out. No "wow" moment there.
It's a predictable choice - you get your ketchup and mustard - a good sign for a person who puts mustard on their french fries. The portion of fries is smaller in the new regime, so I'm unimpressed over value.
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