Swiss Chalet
Woodbridge West
Date Visited: November 12, 2011
The holiday season is a mystical time of year, but Swiss Chalet takes it with pride by using a prominent holiday offering to bring in potentially satisfied diners. This location's between a Holiday Inn, a gas station, and a bank.
This year's festive special at Swiss Chalet was quite good, although the food was offered in smaller portions. It's nice that they kept it the same price though.
This Swiss Chalet location in on Highway 7 just west of Highway 27 is new, but they offer a good cozy atmosphere in what is basically the middle of nowhere. Along with Leanne, I had the festive special as well, and consistency seems to be their strong point when it comes to food. We were quickly served, and the staff were attentive, so we were in and out of the restaurant rather efficiency. This may not work out for people who like to linger, but the pacing fits well with Leanne and I. In all, an experience that other restaurants should strive for.
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