Jane Street, Maple
Date Visited: November 2012
Licks is an independent burger chain serving much of Southern Ontario, where they serve "homeburgers" in place of hamburgers. You might seen some of their products at a grocery store freezer near you.
Walking in, the decor is tastefully retro chic though the lone bench seating had some rips in the fabric.
For lunch I had a homeburger with onion rings. Portions are a little small relative to price ($1 more and I'd get a similar burger at a sit-down restaurant) but the burger patty is surprisingly big.
The onion rings are nice and crisp, fried just right. A nice "homey" atmosphere with decor that's unlike a normal burger joint. The staff are great at being no nonsense with service.
For dessert, a milkshake completes the picture. A bit viscous as it takes some effort to get it out of the straw. Evil for the blood pressure but worth a try!
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