Red Robin
Orchard Park, New York
Here is a standard casual American chain eatery located in Buffalo's southern suburb, not too far from Ralph Wilson Stadium and local shopping. They tout a certain burger culture that's a step up from the stuff you get from fast food chains.
Seeing to it that I had avoided even the thought of ordering red meat when eating out at home, I chose to give in to my human urges and got their Original Gourmet Cheeseburger with a side of coleslaw. Since they offer bottomless fries when you order them, I was puzzled to hear it doesn't apply to coleslaw (which I find a bit more healthy).
The burger was great, served on informal plastic baskets, and the service was just as jocular, almost fun. Check out the retro decor; it's eye candy on top of your meal, with no added calories.
I drowned the palette with iced tea, which is brewed quite nicely.
I also ordered a gourmet burger, but they mixed up my topping choices. It was pretty delicious, while the thick steak fries that came with it were good for the most part.
The waitress suggested a Raspberry Lemonade, which I tried; a mix of lemon/lime soda with a few juices and some watermelon cubes that tasted delightful. The second and third refill didn't have as much of a colourful taste, feeling more like tonic water. The restaurant's decor made the experience feel like a sports bar but the environment is friendly enough for families.
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