Niagara Falls, New York
Tucked away on a strip near Niagara Falls Fashion Outlets, this eatery stands prominently beside a car wash and can easily be reached by tourists and locals from an exit on the Niagara Thruway.
After viewing the American side of Niagara Falls in a glorious summer sunrise, we decided to cross the border and have a little breakfast where there is room to sit down, relax and be waited on. I chose to try a type of burger (typical and predictable) but this time had an egg over easy on top. Very messy, required a bit of ketchup, but this disaster winds up rather tasty as a heart clogger.
Service was very informal, but the staff weren't very attentive - we didn't get refills on our drinks without further drawn out inquiries. As in other American Denny's locations, you have to pay at the cashier, though that might not have happened at all due to computer glitches. Customer service was inconsistent, but it's a very affordable place in comparison to the other side of the border.
Unusual for breakfast, I ordered fish and chips with a side of toast and broccoli. The fish was crispy, but the oil they used to fry it saturated the final product, so it wound up with an unsavoury aftertaste. Tartar sauce was subpar in my opinion, while the toast was burnt. The saviour on this plate was the broccoli, which was cooked to my taste and was just tender enough.
Unfortunately, the food did not agree with my stomach, and the service was not interested enough in us. We had to ask for everything after we were seated.
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