The Loving Hut
Toronto (Downtown)
Date Visited: May 5, 2013
Nestled on the fringes of the Fashion District a few blocks south of Chinatown, The Loving Hut provides an experience that gives vegetarians, veagans and people who choose to eat meat free with a good degree of satisfaction.
In view of little affordable alternatives for people who want to dine out, this looks to be a natural choice.
There's an ambience that provides simplicity - white tables, chairs and booths basking in sunlight at the right time. Considering it's an organic veagan restaurant, prices are set reasonably since we had a pair of appetizers and mains with quality ingredients. Portions are how they should be - practical and average compared to the gargantuan mainstream options that leave you bloated. We're not vegan, but the options were plentiful. Think about it; french fries with organic ketchup!
It is important to note the restaurant works hard to be 100% organic with non-genetically modified food.
"Egg salad" on sprouted wheat bread
A scrambled tofu mixture with a well seasoned creamy sauce with plenty of celery served with organic fries and ketchup.
Clear Veggie Soup
Simple broth surrounded with an array of vegetables. Refreshing, simple and healthy.
Service was average with a waitress who was just as cheery as the atmosphere. She was rather quick, but attentive.
I like the informality of the dining atmosphere since it helps patrons focus more on the food served and less on the processes and formalities.
Summer Rolls
Vietnamese goi cuon without the meat (essentially, a version of goi cuon chay). Fresh vegetables and tofu tightly wrapped, served cold with a dipping sauce. A skilled bundle with a crisp taste.
Whatta Burger!!!
I can officially say after horrible experiences trying veggie burgers when they were a fad in the 90s, I have finally enjoyed a veggie burger due to its taste! Served with hearty french fries and organic ketchup. Exclamation marks not included with the actual product, but a healthy alternative to red meat.
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