Fools & Horses
Phillip Hong
December 22, 2010
"Retro" doesn't have to mean "dated". In fact, take away the word "retro" and you've got a passionate style of rock from an era long forgotten thanks to corny mainstream "punk". Fools & Horses is aiming to make music that's timeless at the end of the day.
How did you guys form as a band?
F&H started in 2002 when Tim, Kent and Matt responding finally to the shared musical background that existed between them since high school. The three of them knew each other there and had played together in a very limited capacity. It felt right to formally throw something together and make it stick. Steve joined the group in 2006, responding to an ad the band left at Towson University.
Steve joined the group in 2006, responding to an ad the band left at Towson University. Steve and Matt knew each other through other people and a few classes there. We had always wanted to be in a band, and had loads of other attempts under our belts before F&H.
In your biography, you say that one of your influences is "melody and pure, organic power" of the 90s. Was it your intentions to keep your music in this simple, abstract form?
Not until recently. We have always been fascinated with all types of genres, and have been pulling from them for our songs. It wasn't until our latest effort that we really found our groove, and on looking at it from an outsider's perspective, it reminded us of a lot of the 90s music that inspired us as kids. We like to think our music conveys a raw intensity.
Does Baltimore and Washington (D.C.) play a significant role in your identity as a group?
In some ways yes, and in others no. We want to be known as a Baltimore band, but the market here is so diverse that the scene is not known for one specific genre or band. Our shared experiences are from here, so the city does play a big part in our larger story.
On the other side of that, we've found other homes for our music in other cities. So it's not a stretch to think that we could have started the band in any number of places. But without a collective back story like the one we've been able to create from Baltimore, it would be hard to sell the band.
What do your fans love most about your music?
We've been told that our songs tell really great stories. We've also been told that our songs make no sense at all. The ambiguity of our messages could be the most attractive thing about the music. We can sing about heartache, but we deliver it with a catchy melody and back beat. People will be bopping along, then all the sudden realize they're listening to a song about something unpleasant. We think the fans appreciate the challenge!
Would you cover Gordon Lightfoot's "If You Could Read My Mind" if it was requested?
What a tale my thoughts could tell - of course! Tim and Matt grew up with Gordon Lightfoot. Matt has admitted to trying to rewrite that song in his own way for a while. Listen to the opening riff of "I Wonder". Does it remind you of something?
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