Modern Paranoia
Phillip Hong
December 20, 2010
What do human aspirations and animals with beaks and wings have in common? According to Modern Paranoia and their catchy single "I'm a Bird", the musical hypothesis is about the will of humanity to exceed in what we do.
What do you mean, "you're a bird"?!?
It is an expression that explores everyone's capacity to exceed in whatever they are doing while being humble, hence "all from my knees".
How did music become a substantial part of your lives?
Each of us has the same story in that we all have loved and studied music all of our lives. Each of us contribute to writing and we all can play multiple instruments. Most of us were introduced to music in one form or another through one of our parents and, of course, the obligatory choir.
How was the band formed? Oddly enough through a friend, our drummer, Tanner, had a chance to put together a show to do a gig at an event at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah. We pieced together a band and had about ten days to rehearse. It went well enough so we decided to hang together and try to continue. That was two years ago.
If you had to describe your music in short poem of ten words or less, what could it potentially sound like?
Modern Paranoia gonna destroya with alt Rock without any stock
To attract more organic types, would the melody from "I'm a Bird" fit a possible variant called "I'm a Goat"?
We all are the goat from time to time so it could fit.
You can find out more about Modern Paranoia and get "I'm a Bird" the single at

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