The Sky Drops
Phillip Hong
September 1, 2011
It's highly unlikely that we'll see the sky drop in our lifetime, despite the claims of today's average doomsdayer or Mexican calendar. Despite the implausible nature of their name, The Sky Drops have created a sound that is wide reaching and full of turns and twists.
Your latest, "Making Mountains", is your third album. Has your music evolved since you first started?
Rob: I think the biggest part of what makes "Making Mountains" different from our first recording is a change in philosophy. I'm not sure I would chalk it up to evolution, per se. Because less time was spent mixing and mastering, this record has a lighter, less wrought overall disposition, which is very refreshing. We did some new things creatively too. There are some vocal parts Monika and I approached in ways we haven't done before. And I'm actually playing single notes on "Keeper", so we may have evolved after all...
Your sound varies between a host of contrasting styles. Does performing with this variety keep things exciting?
Rob: I'm proud of the fact that we're able to offer a wide sonic palette and still somehow sound like The Sky Drops with every song. It keeps things fresh for us and our audience.
The one difficulty we do run into is putting together a cohesive set around guitar changes. Because our songs involve three different tunings, changing guitars can break up momentum pretty easily. Mapping out a fluid set can be a bit tricky at times.
What is the most emotionally touching request you have received from a fan?
Rob: This wasn't a request, but we found a video on YouTube where a young guitar player is playing along to "Green to Red". It definitely brought a smile to my face.
Please describe the theme of your first track, "Explain It To Me", in a knock-knock joke.
Knock knock!
Who's there?
Time less!
Time less who?
Time less wonder is all time.
Any plans to tour in Canada?
Rob: We've been talking about touring Canada for a while now. Unfortunately, as much as we would like to do it, we simply don't have the right connections or contacts to gain entrance. Maybe you could steer us in the right direction? It's utterly silly how complicated the process is for US musicians to legally enter Canada.
How do you "make" a "mountain"?
Rob: Take a thought and add a dash of hope. Think until firm then throw it out the window. Bring it back to the table and add a healthy dollop of fresh ideas. Think again until pieces solidify, then throw it out window one last time. Let it stand however long it takes to cool and base begins to form. Keep outside and allow scenarios and perceptions to rise and collapse until peak becomes self-evident.
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