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Obama donors from afar are suspect
Frank Cotolo
30 Sep 2008
Reports indicate that a good portion of $426.9 million in donations raised by the Barack Obama campaing comes from small donors whose names the Obama campaign won't disclose, other than to say that some are guys named Joseph, Harold, Peter, Frederick and some are from gals named Betty, Beatrice, Alice and Marylou.
Also flooding the campaign are foreign donations and there is a question if these monies being legitimate. That question, exactly, is, "Are these foreign donations legitimate?"
Mr. Obama has raised almost twice that of what John McCain has been able to get, if calculations made by campaign-finance reports are correct. If those reports are not correct, then the amount is less than "almost twice" and more like "a lot more" the McCain total.
The foreign donations remain mysterious because some of them have U.S. postage on the envelopes, while others come in packages bend and mutilated. Still, there is no doubt that the donations are from out of the country because foreign money is in every envelope.
The Obama camp policy insists that people do not send cash for donations but neither are the funds sent back.
"Most of the envelopes," said an Obama spokesperson, "don't have return addresses. So how would we return the cash?"
The McCain camp said that all of its donations came from the U.S. and accepting cash is no problem.
"We have to accept cash," said a McCain spokesperson, "because most people who contribute to the McCain campaign send loose change. It's funny, because that's all that Mr. Obama talks about, you know? Change, change, change. But we have it all."
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