From across the northwest suburbs of Toronto, a very special newscast that incorporates what's going on where you actually live. Saturdays and Sundays, 5:55 pm, right before Democracy Now on SRN One.
Mediaworks Tonight is a rather different program as it doesn't focus on the City of Toronto. It seems that in the cities and towns that straddle this large metropolitan area, there is a need for reliable news that happens on Main Street, rather than just on Bay Street.
We feature a very simple formula that is centric to listeners in Peel Region and York Region; headlines, backlines, local sport and as good a forecast as we can observe with data from Environment Canada.
Simple, straightforward, independent.
Contrary to some forms of local media, we're not here to sell you advertisements that are hidden under the guise of "news". Our job is to keep you informed, with as much useful information as possible.
The spirit of the SRN National News team combined with almost a decade and a half of experience is found most easily in what we report, and this independence means that you benefit as a listener.

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