Weekend news for the suburbs, as it happens.
OneNewsbrief is a step up from the local newspapers. Since the news occurs more than twice a week, and never stops on the weekends, our job is to tell you what's happening in Suburban Toronto on SRN One.
Like its cousin, Newsbrief, we don't just cover the stories that happen on Bay Street. Since 2003, our priority has always been covering your neighbourhood, from Main Street in Brampton to Main Street in Stouffville.
OneNewsbrief also happens on a fluid schedule - no stubborn timeslot that's easily missed. Our news is reported at least once an hour, and is spread out so you have as much opportunity to find out the latest.
OneNewsbrief is found exclusively and aired on a regular basis on SRN One.
Newsbrief Archive
Prefer to read the news? Our counterparts at Newsbrief have at text archive of scripts from previous editions of that bulletin.
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