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The Latin saying in vino veritas means in wine the truth. Listening to one drunk with wine delivers too much truth to handle, but getting a buzz drinking in authenticity can be intoxicatingly refreshing.
Introducing radio's Savino Veritas: A veritable smorgasbord of virtual reality hosted by Thom Savino.
From the pages of Brooklyn Today, The Burbank Leader, The Glendale News Press, The Los Angeles Daily News, and the Los Angeles Times and through the public air waves of WHBI-FM, Princeton University's WPRB-FM, WCBS Radio, SRN One's Cotolo Chronicles, and the 1970s comedy show Dead Air Thom Savino's words spoke the truth that set at least him free.
The proverb reads, "Children and fools always speak the truth." Savino Veritas in that same spirit of child-like foolishness aims to speak an irreverent version of the truth always. Be it wit, wisdom, or wisecracks through live and prerecorded interviews, commentary, poems, segments, songs, skits, bits, and metaphoric buggery Savino Veritas probes life's drudgery.
Social satire, politics, news, mysticism, the arts, pop culture and just plain interesting stuff grace this ninety-minute slot on Thursday nights from 11 pm to half-past midnight Eastern Time. Savino may be joking, but he's never kidding. 'Want the truth? You can handle it'.
Savino Veritas
"In 'whine' the truth."
(The 'whine' here refers to our gripes about being human).
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