March 2011
Interview: Falling Blind
What got this band together and started in this business?
Clayton: Falling Blind was started in 2006. Mike (guitar) and Joe (drums) moved up from Redding, California because they loved the Seattle music scene, and the original lineup was formed shortly after. The love of music and performing is what drove all of us to get started.
Who writes and produces all the material for the band?
Mike: We all write our parts individually and come together on ideas and riffs. It's usually not a cut and dry process; there can be a lot of different ways we write. Clayton writes the vocal melodies and some of the guitar parts. Other songs come from riffs that Mike writes. Jon Stevens from Hollywood Underground produced our upcoming release entitled "Comets".
Has the band played in front of or with any acts our readers would know from the mainstream?
Joe: We have had the opportunity to share the stage with TrustCompany, The Dreaming (formerly Stabbing Westward), Mike Herrara of MxPx, Sherwood and many other great acts.
Where can people access your music on the web?
Si: People can check us out online at and the music is also available for purchase from the site! We are giving away our lead single "The Intent" for free so hurry up and get it! We are also on Facebook, MySpace, Reverbnation, iTunes, Amazon, and CDBaby.
Who are the band's musical influences?
Clayton: We are big fans of Incubus, Tool, Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Deftones, Refused, Turdus Musicus, Pink Floyd and many, many more.
What is the top reason why you want to play music?
Mike: We play music because its what we love to do. None of us would be doing anything differently; it's a part of our lives.
Joe: It gets us off and makes me feel alive! When you connect with your songs and your audience it's almost religious. Like reaching nirvana and taking your audience there and back. It's the best feeling in the world.
What has been your best show?
Joe: We played the Hard Rock Cafe Battle of the Bands last year and had a GREAT crowd there. They were so loud it was almost hard to play! Our last CD release for our demo in Seattle was also amazing! Another great one was a Google/HTC phone release event where we played acoustic. It was a great night.
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