September 2012
Night thoughts
are the right thoughts
Frank Cotolo
All of my best ideas come to me at night. By night I mean early morning, though it is still dark, when most people who work business hours are asleep. I don't work business hours. I have a business but my business hours are different from the usual business hours so I am usually away in the early morning before the usual business hours.
Maybe it is because everything is so quiet during the A.M. hours, unless there is an explosion near to my house, which is rare because my house is surrounded by farmland, which is owned and operated by farm people, and they never seem to use things like dynamite, no less in the early morning.
But even if the farmers decided to blow things up after midnight, I would probably still get my best ideas as debris flew through the fields and the echoes of the explosions shook the ground. That's how strong are these ideas that come to me in the night.
They are never full ideas, per se, they are thoughts; they begin as pieces of ideas, elements that can develop into ideas. So many come that I have to write them down so that I can flesh them out later, most likely during the daytime, during my business hours. Sometimes I wonder why complete ideas don't come to me. It would be great if the whole kit and caboodle would arrive and do so in order, the first part coming first, the middle coming next and the conclusion following the middle. And if they could come like that and come like that slowly, I would be able to write down the entire idea.
However, it is not like that. My thoughts come uncoupled from their full entity. They spark like electric shocks and then fade away. I would say that in a given amount of morning hours a dozen thoughts could come to me and if I am lucky I can write half of them down. Then, if I am luckier I can make sense of three of those six and then if I am the luckiest I can get I will complete one thought into an idea.
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