Mermaid Beach Motor Inn
Gold Coast, Australia
With an unbelievable strip of sandy beaches under the harsh sun, nothing screams relaxation in Australia more than a trip to the Gold Coast in Queensland.
The shocking part of my booking with the Mermaid Beach Motor Inn (at the time Comfort Inn Mermaid Beach) was the fact that I reserved my room on such short notice. I continue to stress that booking hotels within a reasonable amount of time is important, but no one told me I'd be driven down to the Gold Coast until the last minute. It took a few phone calls (including one to a bar - "mate, hotel's just part of the name"), I wound up going to an internet cafe within a tourist strip in Surfers Paradise to find out about this accommodation.
Relief was felt when I found out that this establishment had a vacancy, in the middle of Schoolies Week out of all holidays. "Schoolies Week" is an Australian version of Spring Break, so mountains of teenagers were destined to party and procreate. I still wonder how I was able to get a reservation during such an important teenage holiday.
The room is in line with all the other establishments that are reasonably priced. Although they lacked free breakfast served in other comparable hotels, their complimentary wireless internet and Austar satellite television lineup definitely helped in my quest to keep in touch. It's not the cable you would get in North America but I didn't expect it.
With coffee and tea set, this hotel rounds out with a pool within the property. I don't swim as I'm saving the public from my hideous figure, but it was convenient if you didn't want to walk to the beach. It would've been a bit more pleasant if there wasn't a teenage couple making out inside the pool.
Since the Gold Coast was built for its beach front, you can reach the white sands within a quick stroll through a neighbourhood. The bicycle lanes and the fact that the ocean is one straight walk down the street adds to the value you get staying at this property.
There is an Asian supermarket and Hooters sits across the street. Many restaurants and stores line the long street in which this hotel is located. The local extravagant casino, shopping mall and the Gold Coast Convention Centre are a short drive away.
Check in and check out was simple, and the staff are very charming people. Relating to my existence as a Canadian in Australia, a lovely kiwi (New Zealander) gentleman made sure my painful search for a hotel had a happy ending. It's a great place to stay for budget travellers and those who aren't fussy about frills.
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