Nirwana Resort Hotel
Bintan, Indonesia
A short ferry ride from Singapore, the Nirwana Resort Hotel is a tropical paradise meant for resting. Developed by Singaporeans during the 1990s, it's part of Bintan Resorts, a group of properties that has grown into a large area full of activities and entertainment.
The minute I stepped off the shuttle bus at the hotel entrance, which took guests from a gyrating experience of a ferry (easily connected from Tanah Merah, Singapore), a group of hearty dancers started to show a bit of traditional legwork.
Guests, including myself, started to drag suitcases and head for the reception; waiters served an interesting cocktail that I didn't touch because of my worrisome attitude towards water quality.
For the price of the room itself, it fits the tariff somewhat. The rack rates featured on their website are substantially more expensive than the package that I bought from the travel agents in Singapore. Only the rooms are indoors, however. The hallways are partially exposed to the elements, which may accomodate a fresh breeze and a "tiki" feel.
Unfortunately, due to the nature of the ferry ride from Singapore accounting the constant gyrating of the ship (it was monsoon season), the first thing I did when I got to my room was: taking a very long nap in the good sized bed. The rest, in the most part was luxurious and quiet.
The room is spacious and there's cable television featuring channels from various countries, and it also features a desk, and refrigerator. They included two water bottles, as well as a kettle with two pouches of instant coffee along with some tea. Fortunately, even though they do provide you with water bottles, the water system (as read on the sign sitting behind the faucet inside the bathroom) is equivalent to the standards of Singapore.
Since going to the other side of Bintan Island, the one where all the locals live is tragically hard to do, the hotel also features a couple of restaurants. They may be expensive but considering the circumstances you will get quality food.
If you're an enthusiast of chess, there is a life-sized chess set that can be literally played, on a life-sized chess board! Not for the wary of large objects, however.
The Nirwana Resort Hotel may be a little expensive for the budget-wary, but definitely a good vacation spot to indulge in relaxation.
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