Narita Tobu Hotel Airport
Narita, Japan
The costs of a vacation in Tokyo are definitely quite affordable: I've noted the presence of backpackers, young people and the like who have sat at the boarding gate. When I first arrived in Tokyo's Narita International Airport, I had trusted one of the big chains with a pre-registered reservation beforehand.
The Narita Tobu Hotel Airport (formerly Holiday Inn Tobu Narita) is not a resort or poshy five-star that you'd find on an exotic island. The closest description I can provide is that it is a "business style" hotel.
The rooms are quite roomy compared to the living space one could find back home; the hotel contains a newer, renovated West Wing and a slightly older East Wing. I've stayed at both wings, but the hotel tends to make the rooms in its East Wing the more affordable category due to its age.
Each room is like a page out of the last decade; a colour television featuring cable and pay television for a fee, though one should not expect a multichannel universe lined in the living rooms of home. There's a tea and coffee set with a kettle-style gizmo and the rooms in the West Wing offer a bidet: a machine stuck to the toilet that can hose off your bottom to save up on toilet paper.
This property features two restaurants, and there are hotel shuttles from the hotel to and from the airport as well as Narita. The small town located east of Tokyo is a nice day trip for walking and eating.
The staff are quick and efficient, the room is comfortable and affordable, and tour groups choose to put their business here. For what its worth, it's a nice place to stay while at Tokyo or on a short layover.
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