Broadway Macau
Cotai, Macau
Sipping a cup of beautiful coffee, watching a magnificent sunrise as the exciting city of Zhuhai wakes up for yet another productive day. My wife wakes up to the same glow, watching me as I count every sip like the coffee was medicine, making odd quips about how the mirrored glass around the drinks cabinet has now fogged up by the steam hanging around the kettle - the steam that made my coffee.
This was a scene from a romantic trip my partner and I made which included a trip to the lights, sound and historical treasures of Macau - a special Chinese city with a uniquely continental European flavour thanks to history.
Thanks to recent growth in the gambling industry, Macau is also seeing a flood of tourists visiting an ever increasing array of hotels and resorts, with many price points to cater to a wide demand. Broadway Macau is one of those properties that focuses itself on the new and the entertaining.
My wife and I stayed at this hotel as part of a romantic sojourn, a sort of reflection that was indicative of our makeup as a couple. We wanted to stay in Cotai, of the newest parts of Macau, but needed easy access to the more historical parts of the city, needing a colonial perspective. This property is also very close to the border with China's Zhuhai City, and the University of Macau campus.
Checking in was simple and interesting. Before we even left the ferry terminal there were a series of well dressed touts in attractive clothing, handing out special scratch off coupons or discounts for fine dining. We purchased a travel package from a major travel agency in Hong Kong (highly recommend it as it's cheaper than online prices most of the time) so we were taken care of when it came to basic amenities like shuttles to and from the ferry terminal.
The room, with a nice bright King sized bed was enlightening. Like any worldly resort there was a beautiful decorated environment waiting for us. The rest was luscious, featuring soft sheets that made the trip to the historical parts of Macau a bit daunting!
Service was the real kicker. The employees were full of niceties, gracious in every move and interaction. When we asked for directions to the Ruins of St. Paul, one staff member suggested a shuttle through one of their partner hotels that made the cost of going to that part of Macau zero!
Another plus was the Broadway's street food. They curated a beautiful outdoor streetscape with dozens of restaurants and eateries that made an insular resort like this much more interesting and lively. You could even order favourites like Singapore-style laksa or flavoured teas. Welcoming from a hotel.
The most important feature on your mind? Yes, the wifi is free.
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