Baymont Inn and Suites Flint
Flint, Michigan
Flint, Michigan is not exactly painted with the most flattering brush by media due to its history, but to me it could be one of the United States' next comeback cities. Whether you have business or family in the area, or just stopping by on the way to Detroit or Sarnia, there are plenty of options for affordable lodging. One of those properties is the Baymont Inn and Suites Flint, located close to interstate highways and is just outside the city which puts it in a quieter environment. Its immediate neighbourhood has plenty of eating options too, so area amenities make this hotel a convenient option. One can only hope that some of that famous Michigan hospitality is carried inside here.
It's obvious that Sarnia is just a short drive away and we could simply skip this city and get home (Southern Ontario) sooner, but we were on a very onerous road trip coming in from the Midwest and needed at least one more overnight stopover before our return, victorious with slightly cheaper clothes, sundries and goods. I had chosen this property because we had stayed in similar hotels when it comes to price and comfort, so we wanted consistent and somewhat familiar surroundings before concluding our trek. Flint just happened to be an undiscovered city to visit for us and thanks to good highway access it was not too much of a diversion from original plans.
As we arrived at this property we saw that there were a number of little potholes that pockmarked the parking lot in certain places. If you drive in from Ontario it immediately looks like an obstacle course, but since we had been on a six state journey with varying levels of deterioration on various roads, this was not as bad a problem as it looked; the potholes didn't affect the parking stalls.
We checked in later than expected and the smiling lady who manned the front desk that night was so quick with our room keys it was as if she practised in anticipation of our arrival, like a hundred metre sprint! You could count the minutes on one hand between the time of our arrival and the time we entered the room for the first time. The lobby, albeit of an older decor, was very homey and welcoming for the most part.
Our room followed that dated theme, though at first I felt it was maintained well in spite of its age. The furniture had its share of scratches and marks but it was nothing worthy of being either negative or whiny about. The beds were very comfortable with quality clean sheets and were adorned with dark headboards that complete he classic d├ęcor. Technologically it's as updated as you can get with extended pay television and very consistent, complete wifi.
The bathroom is separated into a sink and a water closet with shower, of which the former is located right beside the door to the corridor. It's a great place to put the bathroom amenities there since it provides a little distance for more seclusion and privacy between the sleeping area and the door. The sink area has enough counter space for two sinks (only one was physically present) and it's well lighted with plenty of space to also function as a wet bar. There's even a fridge and microwave beside it, so it's a smart configuration for a guest. There are a couple of stains below the sink which could easily be dealt with by a persistent housekeeper.
Other amenities: free breakfast with ample seats, a fitness centre and a fancy pool. It's a confident option.
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