Embassy Suites Detroit Southfield
Southfield, Michigan
The Detroit area is blessed with a wide assortment of hotels that serve diverse flocks of travellers and locals alike. We normally stay at properties that tend to sport "and Suites" in their title, but we rarely actually stay in a suite in general. The Embassy Suites Detroit Southfield takes the concept of the "suite" to another level by solely offering rooms of this type.
This property is fairly simple to reach by car from Windsor and Detroit's downtown - just follow M-10 to the point where it becomes a road and do a famous Michigan left turn to a nearby road. The building is simple to point out since it has a somewhat prominent presence in the skyline. Purely from a geographical standpoint, I have never experienced such a lack of stress while trying to find a hotel like this.
An older concept property with a voluminous atrium and rooms are stacked along upgraded motel-style indoor corridors. No matter which room you wind up staying in, there is always a view that is shared with other guests.
Guest registration was a breeze, and I don't think the reception staff realized that we arrived two hours before official "check-in time" began. The clerk who served us (a fellow Ontarian from Windsor) did her best to acclimatize us with the immediate area which felt like the middle of a business park. She was knowledgeable on local attractions, and even asked if we needed recommendations for restaurants and directions! A surprisingly delightful concierge to deal with.
The suite was very spacious with enough room to easily accommodate four people. You enter into a sort of a living room featuring a sofa with pullout, dining area and plenty of illumination. Separated by a door is a somewhat modern bathroom flooded with fluorescent lights and a bedroom with two comfy beds along with a separate desk. With two televisions, let's just say a family of four can easily crack open laptops and spread out instead of bumping into each other's elbows! A wet bar compliments the living arrangements featuring a fridge, microwave and a sink that is separate from the bathroom. It shows that someone really took pains to elevate comfort into the concept.
Included services and amenities that add a touch of class: A specially cooked complimentary breakfast in the morning (which is a breath of fresh air for one used to starch-ridden continental offerings, though the lineups for omelettes were remarkably long) and the celebrated Evening Reception. I enjoy the fact that we can gorge on free simple snacks and booze without worrying about the mandatory gratuity if we ordered room service.
A business centre, fitness centre and swimming pool complete the amenities available, although the latter two are hopelessly too small to accommodate all guests. They do offer passes to an expanded exercise facility for a fee, however.
Service is the ultimate advantage with this property. On top of the friendly people who man the reception desk, the housekeepers are noticeably courteous and attentive. They heeded and delivered a special request for extra sheets and towels, and even tried to provide us with a baby crib knowing a "child" was staying with us (she's more a teenager). This only adds further peace of mind to a satisfying stay.
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