Baymont Inn and Suites Warren
Warren, Michigan
Nestled in a quiet corner of Detroit's wide, spacious suburbs is the Baymont Inn and Suites Warren. A convenient property that's very close to a local golf course as well as heavy industry scattered in its immediate area. Geographically it's a little distant from the nearest highway if you're coming in from Sarnia or Port Huron, but it's just close enough for a traveller to take a quick overnighter in transit or as affordable lodging that's away from the less savoury parts of Detroit.
Since this Warren hotel is situated in a suburban locale, it's an ideal neighbourhood if you're looking for cross-border shopping, close to a variety of restaurants and other amenities. By the face of it, this hotel is a fitting option for a mid-level business traveller.
Guest registration was quick but the clerk was more witty than the standard in comparable properties. They expected us for early check-in, but since my plans changed at the last minute she was quite disappointed for not seeing us any sooner. Although it's nice to observe a caring form of customer service since that approach caught me off guard.
Before we were issued our room keys, the clerk was impassioned to let us know rather dramatically about a burger joint she highly recommended, and even offered to assist in ordering! To be frank, I have never seen someone who was so motivated in selling a local restaurant, and even though we chose to eat at a different establishment for dinner (that was walking distance), her zeal was most definitely an appreciated effort.
Onto the room. Immediately upon entering, there was a sense of age from the dated decor, from older wallpaper to the traditional accented furniture. It's not as modern a room as some competitors, but the fridge and microwave was a welcomed plus and the power outlets on the desk also included modern USB charging ports for more advanced devices (greatly appreciated). You could dispute the description and call the decor homey, yet modern enough.
The bed's baseboard is of a particular craftsmanship only sturdy antiques could possess. A little spot of rust here and there, but the living conditions were otherwise acceptable and clean. A particularly comforting feature to have were the bed sheets which are not tightly tucked in like an empanada, so the sleeping experience was very tranquil and quite luxurious. Decor was complete with a couple of paintings hung over the beds, a scene of some form of Michigan bog or something like that.
The bathroom provided less utility than I expected out of a standard hotel room. The hotel provided only a few towels (just enough for two people) yet the towel hook meant to be on the door is missing (either it fell off or otherwise ceased to exist from this part of earth).
The chic feature in this stay is the impressive bathroom vanity mirror which incorporates strategic artistic cracks around the moulding and a little rust that symbolises some of the various other aged spots generally observed in this room.
Service and value are this property's strong points. A spacious indoor pool, fitness centre, computer with printer and a free breakfast (with hot proteins as options) made this place a smart value.
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