Days Inn and Suites Warren
Warren, Michigan
My experiences with this hotel actually predated our stay by several weeks while we were planning on the associated road trip. I had sent an e-mail to the manager of the property inquiring about a "light dinner" they offered on certain days, and not only did she provide a sufficient answer to that question, she also spoke of their recent assumption of management at the time of stay, aiming to renovate and repair the parts of the building needing attention. It added to my interest of passing by here while driving west, and it shows that honesty works well when it comes to wooing potential future guests.
The Days Inn and Suites Warren is located along a hive of different accommodations in the Detroit suburb of Warren. The suburban approach of this city makes it a great place for Canadians to go cross border shopping, though this hotel is a little distant from the nearest highway exist. This property has both indoor hallways and outdoor corridors which were definitely built in the distant past. The upkeep as mentioned earlier needs to be more aggressive and evidence of ongoing maintenance is simple to find in the immediate presence of wooden beams that provide support for the aging halls on the second floor. There is an occasional crack here and there and paint is most definitely necessary to cover up the blotches. We're fans of people who put an effort at a rebirth of older hotels, so we gave staying for the night a shot.
Guest registration was pretty efficient and early check-in was offered, but the process made me cringe a little when I heard the clerk struggling through multiple rounds of keystrokes on her computer. She forgot to hand me back my driver’s license but that was completely understandable and she was graceful about it.
Located on an outside corridor, our room was already cool with air conditioning which is a thoughtful welcome considering the warm, sultry day. It features a dated decor from a previous era, with noticeable wear and tear in just about every little aspect of the room. The furniture and the beds got away with a minimal mark or two (quite tolerable), but the office chair had stains that were unsettling, while the wallpaper had scruff marks that simply cannot be overlooked. In fact some of the wall coverings (particularly near the door) were peeling badly! It's not something that should drive you away from staying at this property, but these are minute details that need to be dealt with and improved on. Admired are the efficient sensor-based light switches and the door locks that employ a contactless system, sort of like the technology on bank cards.
The beds were comfortable despite the visible wear and tear and cleanliness was definitely not an issue. The shower and toilet are separated from the sink, making it convenient for multiple guests, though it is a more claustrophobic space than competitors. Internet access was easy to connect with very fast speeds while the television was fairly new.
Other facilities include a fairly equipped exercise room (which thankfully included equipment for an upper body workout as well as the standard treadmill) and an outdoor pool. Unfortunately, some of the guests were using the pool as if they owned it, so we never had the opportunity to take a dip or soak in peace. As mentioned, a light dinner was served on the day we were there while breakfast (with microwavable omelettes) is free every day.
For the value this property provides, you can do way worse staying elsewhere. But further attention and renovation is needed on this property before it's worth the repeat visit.
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