Extended Stay America Minneapolis - Brooklyn Center
Brooklyn Center, Minnesota
Its name and concept may indicate otherwise, but its unique approach is most certainly open to travellers who stay less than seven days. The Extended Stay America Minneapolis - Brooklyn Center is located near one of the Twin Cities' numerous highways, and if your travels wind up along its northern suburbs, this property by location is a serious contender for your business short-term and longer-term.
Geographically the hotel is a snap to find. It's a little out of the way from the nearest exit on I-694, but it's easily navigable if you take the right turns. The drive in feels almost barren on the road in, but this property also shares the block with a couple of restaurants and a few other properties aiming for different kinds of clientele. When it comes to amenities, this place is a winner since many of Hannepin County's governmental services (the courts, library and the like) along with a hypermarket (with attached plaza with small businesses) are barely a couple minutes from the hotel.
Before I even entered my room there was already a feeling of disappointment in my mind. I went to reception to be met with a smiling clerk... who remained positive for only a brief moment after my presence. I asked if I could check in, and in a curt sarcastic tone she said that I was way too early and to come back in two hours. Fine, I get the fact that this hotel can be very busy and there are guests who could be staying differently compared to conventional accommodations, but I had requested early arrival and no hotel I've stayed in while in the United States have ever dishonoured the preference in such a non-chalant, matter-of-fact attitude. It felt like she shunned me away, shrieking "away with you" as if she was the keeper of the crown jewels. No hotel is full enough to sound like that.
She then told me that the discounted rate that I was originally booked in (one of the reasons why I even thought about the property) would not be reflected until I checked out, and my folio all of a sudden became twenty percent more expensive. Again, a detail that could be overlooked by other people, but this made me more concerned about why I reserved this room in the first place. She announced with royal abundance that I requested a smoking room - I second guessed myself thinking I might have made the mistake in the booking, but upon a further glance at my paperwork, there was no indications either way. To her credit, the clerk offered and assigned me a non-smoking room.
This property is unique where it's halfway between an apartment and a hotel. Their features vary - this room provides a kitchen with appliances not normally offered by your run of the mill lodging like a stove and toaster, but it's missing other features and consumables that are provided elsewhere like shampoo and body lotion. A selective concept to be optimistic, but it definitely works well if you already bring your own sundries or really want a more homely concept.
Decor is very modern with furniture that is of recent installation, while the walls were stuccoed like a hotel in a rather blah but warm colour. The bathroom is in gleaming white with a similar paint job, with plenty of counter space for the possessions of two or three guests. The bed is firm but comfy while the ottoman beside it is a welcoming sign to get cozy and comfy.
If you're looking for a pool or exercise facility, scratch that out. The clerk made it clear to me there is neither, whether I knew or wanted to know. But they do provide a grab and go breakfast (a little unfulfilling but at least they provide something), so you have to applaud their strategy of trying to expand their clientele to include guests who like the features provided by hotels.
This hotel really has to play quite the catch up if they want to compete with other hotels. This place should focus less on what they don't offer, and the rate they charge is comparable to properties that do provide what they don't offer. Discounts should be applied at booking, not when the guest leaves as a credit to the credit card, especially when said guest has to pay in Canadian Dollars which may actually lessen the discount due to varying exchange rates.
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