Microtel Inn and Suites Inver Grove Heights/Minneapolis
Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota
The twin cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul consist of a large, vast and quite lively area with its busy cultural attractions and great sporting heritage. Despite being geographically spread out on a map into multiple municipalities, it can get quite onerous to find an affordable hotel that is just close enough to the destination a traveller wants without all the traffic. One town stands out in this scenario, and it's Inver Grove Heights. Ten to twenty minutes from the Mall of America yet smaller than Belleville, Ontario in population. The Microtel Inn and Suites Inver Grove Heights/Minneapolis is a smart option if you're looking for lodging without too many frills with just enough comforts expected for a reasonable price.
Despite it being located beside US Route 52 (a busy corridor on linking Minnesota's capital with Iowa), this property is actually quite quiet and quaint, tucked away between a cinema, shops and other hotels. Despite driving in from St. Paul's Central Business District, it was an orderly part of town in contrast to the all day hectic rush hour of home. The hotel is very small compared to similarly priced properties in the area, but in such a small suburb the configuration of the building makes since (when everyone either aims for Downtown Minneapolis or Bloomington where the Mall of America is located). On the other hand, it's probably very difficult to reach without a car unless you pay for a cab fare.
I walked into this property over half an hour before proper check-in time, but the front desk clerk was more than glad to settle me in my room. I had just finished watching a movie at the theatre next door (ironically about a road trip during the tail end of my own road trip) and all I wanted to do was to lay my head down for a cat nap or two. The lobby of this hotel was surrounded by elements of comfort like a modern reception, plus a computer positioned right where guests come in, and a lounge with a television for those who don't want to be cooped up in their room.
Along with the hearty, generously kind welcome I received from reception, there was also a satiating amount of fancy coffees and pastries from the local bakery which were unbelievably good and there for the taking. They offer a round the clock coffee service that provides a good variety of flavours and options that easily outshine even the offerings of other properties within the same marque.
My room was small but had a respectable living space. It looks like the place was either recently built or proudly maintained by housekeeping. My bed was firm but easy to sleep in, while the furniture was of an auburn shade mixed with brown - a hearty tone like the polite atmosphere initiated by staff. One thing I loved was the day bed which gives a great view over the windowsill. Graciously mature trees provide enough shade from the harsh Minnesota sun, but the foliage didn't prevent me from having a prime view of my car in the parking lot, giving me peace of mind.
The TV was a flat screen with movie channels and more stations than hours to watch in a day. The choice was phenomenal as was the wifi, which easily kept pace with loading online video, downloads and the like.
Despite this hotel lacking a fitness facility or pool, breakfast is free and there are laundry facilities as well. This is the closest to a relaxing inn as you can get in the Twin Cities.
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