Microtel Inn and Suites
Chili/Rochester Airport

Rochester, New York
A friend of mine who once lived in Rochester believes there is really nothing a tourist can do there. I disagree to a point as a cross border shopper, but should you ever be in the area, this hotel is a serious contender for your patronage. Located in Rochester's western suburbs, the Microtel Inn and Suites Chili/Rochester Airport is a mouthful by name, but a recently built property. It's tucked away just far enough away from the traffic, about five minutes from the nearest I-490 exit; down the street from good shopping and plenty of eats. As the name conveys, the airport is a short hop away.
Compared to other older properties, this place has an eye catching (by hotel standards) lobby with walls painted in bold, pungent colours. Coffee and pastries were served from the get go, while the slightly uninterested check in clerk made reception a very concise situation. Although it took a little U-turn for me to find the hotel, the feeling coming in was worth the extra effort.
The room itself is an extension of the pronounced, fresh decor, complete with little comfort one expects from this kind of lodging. There is a nice day bed for those who don't like the standard couch offered by competitors, while the desk is vast enough for my clunky laptop and a bunch of other electronics. By size, it's a small living space, but how much space is necessary to rest your head? Like Goldilocks, the size is just right for an individual guest or a loving couple.
One other notable feature is the reading light - one of standard issue that's perfect as a lamp alternative. Since this hotel follows a modern concept, the room lights can be a little too bright as they're in an efficient bright white. If you want it to be clear as day compared to competitors, this is the perfect way to accommodate your request. I love the mini fridge as well, since you can buy and store food without dealing with the outdoors every time you want a little nibble. A coffee maker is also provided and thankfully it dispenses more than one cup at a time! They're creature comforts that I cherish because so many properties phase out the details with alternatives which fail in comparison.
The bathroom is rather standard, though the toilet flushes in a magnificently week fashion making waste management a trial of patience most of the time. What standards out on its own is the shower head – one of a green nature - but every time it is turned on, it spins like a quiet circle like a merry-go-round. A unique use of water pressure, the spray is soothing on the back. The room is complete with a unique thermostat on a wall mounted display that is easy to understand.
When visiting cities like Rochester, it's difficult to find a hotel that includes services you'd actually use efficiently. From the free continental breakfast to the exercise room (complete with fancy equipment that tests your arms in swimming-style endurance) to the easy checkout, this property and its facilities make your stay a lot less stressful.
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