Comfort Hotel Airport North
Toronto, ON
A sea of hotels awaits you in the Pearson Airport district of Toronto, and many of these properties offer complimentary shuttle service. One of the properties that advertises itself as an "airport hotel" and provides this service is the Comfort Hotel Airport North, which is literally on the same block as Woodbine Centre (an area mall) and Woodbine Racetrack. It's also one of the closest lodging options to Humber College's North Campus without staying at the school itself. Location to important area attractions is definitely one of this hotel's strong points.
The check-in process was almost uneventful, apart from me startling the receptionist mid-bite into her lunch. She didn't have much to provide in regards to conversation or lasting experiences, quickly issuing my room key cards as soon as she found an available room on her computer. Quite unfazed, I confidently went up the old elevator to find my initial room kept ajar with one of the door locks, unmade sheets and a surprised housekeeper inside. A few profuse apologies from reception later, I was put in a room that was actually ready to be occupied!
The room (I mean the reallocated room) seems to feel like it came from a previous era, with furnishings and paintings that hail from the delicate lavender-soaked 90s. In place of a desk was a table that also functions for dining, as it has two chairs. A sofa or ottoman is dreadfully missing. If you wanted to lounge on a plush surface, all that was available was the bed or the barely upholstered dining table chair.
An old tube television (with basic cable) and a single cup coffee maker with powdered creamer and tea is also included, but I had to physically carry the contraption to the other side of the TV in order to find an available electrical outlet. The clock radio displayed the wrong time though the beds were plush with a little life left in it. Regardless of the age of decor, the cleanliness makes up for the lack of updates.
The bathroom, also clean, looks like it's been updated more recently; the quality of the tile floor is a bit of a hodgepodge job.
Included services provided by this property include a small fitness centre (i.e. two machines) and swimming pool, which is painted with cute marine fauna. These facilities would not cope with more than the minimal demand; by regulation, the pool can only hold ten people at one time. Then again, as an airport hotel, few guests will probably have the energy to use the pool or equipment in the first place.
Contrary to most hotels of a similar price range (but unsurprisingly typical considering nearby properties in the same area), this hotel clearly does not provide a free breakfast. The hotel restaurant does have a paid option with pricing that is competitive with the coffee shop next door.
A business centre with a computer and printer is near reception which looks a bit claustrophobic, and most of the time it's quite busy. Your best bet in a bid for a productive stay is the included wifi with easy access and lightning fast speeds (for a hotel) most of the time.
There are many signs that point to a dated property here (like the beige green veined wallpaper). But with its location and amenities, you can do way worse within the City of Toronto.
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