Red Roof Inn Erie
Erie, Pennsylvania
When it comes to accommodations, you're spoiled for choice along I-90 in its brief stretch through Pennsylvania. In one particular interchange in Erie you can choose between multiple economy offerings, limited service business hotels and extended stay suites. But when price is factor with where you stay, and you don't mind living without some excess perks like a swimming pool or frequent flier miles, the Red Roof Inn Erie looks like a fair choice to lay your head.
Situated almost three miles east of the main road leading into town, a small walk away from the local horse racetrack and casino, the Red Roof Inn Erie is a little difficult to enter by car from the highway. To put simply, the first driveway immediately south of the ramp from westbound I-90 leads to this hotel. It creates a couple of awkward situations where unfamiliar motorists may get lost in a sea of signs, and since access to the hotel entrance is so close to the highway ramps, people could get lost looking for directional signage that may not be in sight. Keep your eyes peeled!
The property maintains its traditional motor inn layout, spread out as a couple of low lying buildings, but rooms on the second floor are accessed through an indoor corridor. The front desk is self-contained in its own office and is also home to 24 hour coffee and a small continental breakfast, which is supplied in paper grab bags. That's one of those unique features that come with this specific property - breakfast is not usually supplied at comparable lodging.
Another feature built for smokers is a dedicated area to light up in the form of a partially covered wooden shelter with plenty of seating, since there is a non-smoking policy indoors. It seems, despite the affordable rate, there are certain amenities that in practicality make a lot of sense.
The approach to no nonsense lodging is notably found in its practically modern rooms. There's plenty of desk space in the rooms we reserved, so plugging a computer in to free wifi is a breeze. The beds have a nice firmness to them, and for casual lodging there's even a small padded designer chair to sit on. Earthy, rustic colours blend well with the cheerful lighting that gives it a brighter feel compared to more expensive hotels. The internet connection is another feature that is done better than so called "higher level properties" - it's consistently fast and doesn't slow down very much at all.
The bathroom is also bright with a modern feel and plenty of toilet paper! There's a popcorn-like stucco texture that is on all the walls and ceiling, so that might feel dated compared to all the other fixtures.
Checking in and out was a simple process, although guest registration was a bit of a slow destructive mess since only one clerk was at reception and had to deal with us, downed computers and a customer on the phone who needed information off their non-functioning equipment! A valiant effort for an affordable clean place.
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