Motel 6 Harrisburg
New Cumberland, Pennsylvania
A centrally located property by the beltway that is just far enough from the hustle and bustle of the city, but close enough where you are never too far from the dynamics of the state capital of Pennsylvania. The Motel 6 Harrisburg is a more recently renovated motel that looks like a metal treehouse with rooms connected to outdoor corridors instead of indoor hallways, but it is a simple to access building that comes with a no nonsense approach to service.
The rooms are a fitting example of a caring owner who wants to keep the facility up to date. It was a delight seeing a bright cheery theme being used with warm colours and modern, functional furniture. Even the towels have a special cubby installed in the perfect spot beside the sink, adding extra convenience in the layout. The new floors and updated lighting also add a bit of expensive sounding European chic to the place; definitely one of the fanciest motels I've ever stayed in so far in my travels.
This property provides towels and soap, but like most motels, you either have to bring other toiletries and shampoo yourself, or buy things like hair combs at a vending machine located beside the ice machine near the stairs on the first floor. The shower and toilet in the room are separated as an individual room from the sink, which means couples can split use of the facilities more effectively. Cubby holes near the desk, beside the night stand and a small coat rack maximize storage for longer stays. What could definitely complete the room is a microwave and fridge, as there are few eating establishments immediately adjacent to the property.
One notably fun feature on this property is the outdoor pool. Centrally located near the front desk and the elevator/staircase, it is a great place to cool down and enjoy the weather whenever it's hot and humid. I've gone to the pool during my stay here more times than I have at home in the past year, but ongoing maintenance left this feature closed later in the stay, which felt a bit disappointing as it was part of my decision to stay here.
Service is a notable experience here, with exceptional customer service from a front desk clear on one hand, then an incident of great negativity from a different clerk on the other. On my first night, a young man in charge of reception had gladly provided a pen and paper so I could jot down directions, and the same staff then left the pool open just so I can take a quick plunge! This was definitely over and above the call of normal duty, and I felt valued as a guest that way.
The friendly contact with staff became quite inconsistent, however. After observing my car being hit by a football a few times due to a couple of kids playing in the parking lot, a call to front desk only incurred the outraged wrath of a moody receptionist. "We can't move them (the kids), but we'll request they move elsewhere," she declared. Well, what I said implied the same thing, but a parking lot should mainly be for parking and a guest should not need to worry that much about their own property!
In all, an eventful stay with an excellent decor and an appreciative experience apart from what I now call "The Football Incident".
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