Fairfield Inn and Suites
Dulles Airport Chantilly

Chantilly, Virginia
The suburbs of Washington, D.C. aren't the most navigable places in the Western Hemisphere, so it was a surprise that a long confusing drive from home could directly and rather conveniently lead us to the Fairfield Inn and Suites Dulles Airport Chantilly, located in the vicinity of Washington's Dulles Airport.
Just like similar hotels in large cities, this Fairfield Inn is located alongside other chains in Northern Virginia, about a half an hour to an hour's drive from downtown. Don't let the distance fool you as, chances are, you'll be driving on the Capital Beltway to get there although they offer a free shuttle from Dulles Airport if you are privileged enough to fly in. The recently refreshed experience with this property is unique for the value.
We had a booking here because of a certain political rally held by two very vocal American comedians who have much recognition and needn't be mentioned here directly by name. By the late evening, we were checking in and the receptionist was kind and efficient in getting us to our room.
As per request, the accommodations were on a low floor level, which explains its abnormal height and fixtures built for people who require the room's features to be accessible. But the fresh decor (put in along with the renovations) with faint neon shades of green and pueblo-toned brown add a contemporary atmosphere to the place. As the Fairfield Inn concept has evolved, the refreshed modernity has made it more advanced-looking than some competitors.
Wireless internet, a hot and cold breakfast and a special treat bag comprised of bottled water and sweets were included in our rather affordable rate. These little gestures also mean that we came out the morning after rejuvenated and almost spoiled - which many hotel guests wish to be treated, and many properties fall shorts on these details.
The staff and the front desk were straightforward and intelligent despite their computer systems failing to process our Canadian Dollar-denominated Marriott gift card the first or second time around. Not much of a hassle since there's a little chocolate in the loot bag to be occupied with!
This property has worked very hard to stand apart from just providing a bed and a door, and it was a pleasurable stay thanks to the little details that made us feel more like guests than just another reservation.
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