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Ray of light, our Mike
Michael Huynh has been a fixture on the morning programme PLL in the Morning for quite some time. We at Fab! caught up with him while he was discussing ideas with Executive Producer Phillip Hong in an office north of Toronto.
July, 2007
"Ooh! Ooh! I got a Christmas Cane that is shaped like a hook! If you plug it in, little lights start flashing."
"Okay. Let's not plug it in and use it (like that)," remarked a confused Mike.
So we asked a few questions to our resident hunk.
Would you rather:
Dump or be dumped?
Be dumped, because I do not want to be the one to cause pain to her, if she were to exist that is.
Wear a pair of shorts or a skirt?
Shorts. Why in the heck would I wear a skirt unless I was dillusional or something (he laughs)!?!
Turn back time or go back to the future?
Turn back time, because that way, I can prevent bad things from happening like historical tragedies.
Hilary Duff, or Lindsay Lohan?
Can I answer neither? Sure. Okay, neither it is. because I don't see why I would choose either of them.
Shave your head bald or get a bikini wax?
I love my hair too much to shave it off so, bikini wax it is!
Lose the feeling in your hands, or lose your hearing?
Lose the feeling in my hand, because hearing sense is used more than feeling sense.
Pirates of the Caribbean, or Spiderman?
Spiderman. Since childhood, I've always liked the Spiderman series and comic books. Also, pirates rob people while Spiderman saves people.
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