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Mickael Maddison
"(A song can) remind us we're alive"
Phillip Hong
22 November, 2007

The lyrics from the latest tune released from this interesting artist happens to start with a drunkard who needed help.

Of course, it'd be a little hard to prove that it's the story of Mickael Maddison -- no, Mickael wasn't the drunkard. His latest song "Drink" describes more of one's questions about being emotionally charitable in this crazy world.

So, Mickael was "charitable" to participate in an interview, about his own progress in the road less travelled, and how his music could reflect him not as a story of himself, but as one of what he's gone through as a human.

PHIL: How did you get into music? Was it a way to express yourself?

MICKAEL: Music has always been something I've appreciated as a listener. There's something about a song that explores the hard questions or tells a heart-wrenching story that reminds us we're alive.

When I began playing guitar, I found that I could let off some steam by taking all the emotions from life and packing them into songs. My wife prompted me to record my music which triggered a series of events that led me to realize how important these songs are to me and how much they can touch others.

PHIL: Has the road to realising your career been a tedious one for you?

MICKAEL: Definitely. Looking back and realizing how close I came to missing this opportunity makes me realize just how fortunate I am to have had the successes I've seen thus far.

Had I never had that push to record the CD, I would never have known the joy of performing live. I would never have had the pleasure of sharing this music with my father before his death. I never would have realized how music can help me deal with the pain of such a tragic loss.

PHIL: Has the internet helped you in the promotion of your material?

MICKAEL: The internet has played such a huge part in the growth of my music, perhaps not in the way one might expect. During the recording process, I would share files back and forth online with my producer.

As things came together, I would share the songs with my friends all over the world and gain valuable feedback and support. I put together a few home-made videos and posted them on sites like MySpace and YouTube and have been amazed to discover that tens of thousands of visitors would come to watch them.

Spreading the word about live shows through my email list and selling music on sites like iTunes and CD Baby has been invaluable. It's amazing to think of how many people all over the world that have listened to my music.

Having the ability to promote music online is definitely changing how artists connect with fans, and how fans get ahold of music and interact with artists.

Phillip Hong is a co-host and reporter on Centre Street, our current affairs programme featuring alternative stories and interviews.
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