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Alexis Dallman
"Music has kept me grounded throughout my crazy life"
Phillip Hong
28 October, 2008

As an indie writer I receive a healthy amount of yellow envelopes containing the latest compilations from an indie label or a promotional single from an upcoming band. I will have to admit this: the paper-like material that surrounds each of these CDs can be a bit routine, and boring.

Inside one of the more recent promotional packages I received was as I recall from my head, a bit of magic in a way. What's probably the most unique feature of this package without listening to the music was the fact that the disc was autographed. I've never received an autographed anything from an indie artist until now, and that personal touch certainly stood out.

Alexis Dallman is that unique artist, with a truly unique history and a great voice to boot. There aren't many artists out there that carry such an involvement with their music.

PHIL: Is it really true that you had a fan club as early as kindergarten? How did that happen?

ALEXIS: I can't say that it was a fan club persay, but I did have kids that would stop what they were doing and would listen. A lot of the teachers liked my singing. I remember being pulled aside by my teacher, Mrs. Ellard. She had me sing for her and another teacher, and they both thought I was the cream of the crop.

PHIL: How did music play a role in your life?

ALEXIS: Music has always been a huge part of my life. I really just eat, breathe and sleep it. It started as young as two years old. I would sit with one of those terrible keyboards from the 80's and would play what I call a "Kermit" beat. Then I would would play on the piano, and just make up songs. I believe the first song was about living in the Big Apple....

Music has kept me grounded though out my crazy life. Somedays I feel angry, but as soon as I pick up the guitar and sing, I feel a whole lot better.

PHIL: In twelve words or less, how do you describe your music?

ALEXIS: Ethereal, potent, true, dark, intelligent, releasing, life, love, and pain.

PHIL: What was the inspiration behind the song "Liar and a Cheater"? It's a lyrically potent song.

ALEXIS: "Liar And A Cheater" was written for a very special somebody. He would lie to me, and control me, and "forget" about my feelings. One day he left me in Chicago, he wouldn't pick up his phone when I called. I was so pissed, I sat down and wrote this song in twenty minutes. It was everything that I wanted to say to him at that moment. Unfortunately, I stayed with him for awhile after this incident, but I got some great songs out of it.

PHIL: Where do you think you'll find yourself in ten years? Do you think you'll stay onto music and write songs?

ALEXIS: In ten years, I have no idea. I'm not a real planner sort. I kind of fly by the seat of my pants. Hopefully, I will be on center stage singing to my millions of fans, and yachting around the world.

I'm kind of joking, but in all reality, I would like to still be writing and playing music for people who appreciate it, and love it.

Phillip Hong is a presenter on Centre Street, our current affairs programme featuring alternative stories and interviews. He's also our resident travel nut, also known as "The Travelling Briefcase".
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