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Katelyn Dawn
"It's all about what makes you happy"
Phillip Hong
8 February, 2008

It can be a really frustrating time trying to realise one's potential in this world. As some, probably daft, few may delve into gambling terms, the odds can definitely be against you.

However, it seems that there is at least one artist featured here that may have that independent spirit that'll crush whatever prerequisite the critical few may assume. Though she may not use such a confusing and somewhat sinful vocabulary such as the words featured here, Katelyn Dawn knows what purpose she fills at this moment in time.

Furthermore, if you're wondering what purpose that is spoken of: You're in the wrong column now, aren't you?

PHIL: How did you get into music? Was it a way to express yourself?

KATELYN: I think that it all just came together naturally. I come from a very creative and musical family. I've been singing, taking voice lessons and participating in choirs since I was five or so. I have also been writing poetry since the 1st grade, I won some writing competitions and things like that, so when I learnt how to play the guitar, it all just happened organically.

I think music has definitely been an outlet for me, emotionally and creatively. It's something that I can put 100% of myself into and it will always be there for me to fall back on.

I recently graduated from high school, and believe me it wasn't an easy time. My peers didn't seem to accept the fact that music is what I was doing and I didn't really care if they liked that or not. I had confidence in myself and the direction I chose for my life.

Music has always been there for me, even when my friends weren't. I have to say, to all young musicians out there, keep trucking along even if your friends don't accept it. It's all about what makes you happy!

PHIL: Has the road to stardom been a tedious one for you?

KATELYN: Well I think that the music industry is pretty cut throat, you know, it's not an easy path to take for yourself, regardless of your age. But for a younger person especially, you really have to know who you are and stay true to that.

I've tried to keep my head on straight and work really hard to set and achieve my goals. It will be a constant challenge to achieve those goals.

It's difficult, and sometimes I wonder if I'm crazy for being involved in this industry, but I know that its in my blood, and it is my passion, and I'd be crazy not to go for it. It's the road I'm meant to take.

I've met so many interesting people and have had really great experiences, and I've also had some tough experiences, but everyone has to start somewhere, and paying your due's is an important step to reaching any goal you set for yourself.

PHIL: Has the internet helped you in the promotion of your material?

KATELYN: The internet has definitely been a great tool in promoting myself. The music industry has changed so drastically over the last 10 years, there are pros and cons in the recent developments, but one huge advantage is the use of the internet.

The entire world is accessible through MySpace and internet radio and all the different types of online resources. You can get lost in the shuffle online as well, so promoting yourself via internet can be a struggle.

I've had a lot of success from taking part in internet promotion though, and I will continue to promote myself through the world wide web!

PHIL: What is the background behind your song "Private Eye"?

KATELYN: Basically, it was one of those songs that kind of just happened, I didn't really think about it too much... The lyrics seemed clever to me and it is in hindsight about a couple who doesn't trust each other. But you can take it any way you like, that's the beauty of a song that doesn't really have a specific theme or meaning, you can take it however you want to.

PHIL: At least a couple of bands I have interviewed in my own past are based on a very punk-ish diet, where some scream their lungs out, whilst others believe that the bass should be as high as possible to achieve their ideal sound. Do you believe your singing should be more prominent in a song, or the band behind you?

KATELYN: Well definitely speaking as a singer/songwriter, where the majority of my performances are played acoustically, the vocals should definitely be in the forefront. The whole purpose of my music is to tell a story, or get a point across. My music has a folk element to it, and in folk music, much of what you are trying to do is tell the audience a story...

I like acoustic performances for that reason, the vocals are the main focus, and I like how intimate those performances feel.

PHIL: Do you believe you're a "Private Eye" yourself? The meaning to the phrase can be as literal or imaginative as you take it on a personal level.

In some ways, yes. I kind of feel like I am introverted at times and I like to observe the world.

When I am meeting someone for coffee or something, I'm often the first one there, (my mother taught be to be not just on time but 5 minutes early) so I will just sit by myself and people watch. I like feeling independent. But I also have a fun outgoing side of myself, where I'll dance in the rain to Loverboy at the cabin on August long weekends and things like that.

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