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Ali Rogers (from Puracane)
Sensuality through the microphone.
Phillip Hong
May 28, 2010
Playing in a truly passionate band can be a very delicate balance when you need to deal with the sounds of the vocals along with the melody supplied by the instruments. To be honest, many groups simply clash because there seems to be a lack of harmony with these two elements.
Puracane is a very different story. Combining a passion for an alternative form of music with bandmates that are each an integral part of every single track, it's unsurprising to note that they've stuck to this time tested, successful formula. It's a dynamic form of electronic fare that is so easily enjoyable.
Ali provides the sensual voice that keeps everything together, and she found the time to talk to us.
PHIL: How did you get into music in general?
ALI: In general I suppose all those trips in the car as a child from London to Liverpool to visit my Gran started it. It's about three hundred miles and getting out of London alone we listened to at least three Beatles albums, on cassette of course.
ELO, Queen, The Beach Boys and Barbra Streisand usually filled out the rest of the journey. It's funny cause now if I want to play one of my new songs to my parents the car is still the best place to debut it.
PHIL: How was your band formed? Do you believe your fellow band members were a natural combination as a group?
ALI: I answered an ad in the Village Voice for a singer and that's how I met David Biegel. He had a studio on Broadway and was trying to complete an album. We ended up writing and recording a whole new album "Things You Should Leave Alone" and calling ourselves Puracane. I went on to form a live band to perform that album.
Over the years so many people have played in and been a part of Puracane and we'll probably keep picking up hitchhikers! I'm the only original member left but Juan comes a close second. So yes my fellow band mates are a natural progression and the right combination for where we're at now.
PHIL: Puracane provides a very unique sound - how did you manage to combine an electronic genre with a great compliment in the form of vocals?
ALI: I started singing in more punk indie type bands and was always screaming to compete with the guitars. I did a couple of studio projects after that and before Puracane that were more down tempo than my previous bands but kind of combined the energy and feel of the two. I also explored my lower range as I'd been kind of over doing the Perry Farrell impersonations up till then.
PHIL: What is the most enjoyable song to perform, in your perspective?
ALI: That's a hard one cause it changes. It's fun to do new stuff but bringing an old favourite back is always a crowd pleaser and I love the audience participation, that's what it's all about. "Dogs" is always good for that and "You Should've Stayed" sounds so much better live too.
PHIL: If music wasn't a passion for you, what would you be doing instead?
ALI: Living in a gypsy caravan with seven kids.
PHIL: Your latest album, "I've Been Here The Longest", features an interesting photo of marine life. If you encounter said piece of marine life while you are swimming, what would you do?
ALI: Honestly I'd be terrified! I used to love swimming in the ocean as a child but I've become such a chicken over the years. I think when you swim in England sure you could drown or freeze to death but nothing's gonna eat you.
The glass squid on the album cover is probably found way too deep to encounter so probably would be the least of my problems. He is lovely though more like an extra terrestrial than a squid.
Phillip Hong is a presenter on AMPM, combining some great indie music with quotes and interviews.
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