Emma Dean
Phillip Hong
March 7, 2011
What does a circus look like without a striped tent, the balancing elephants and the clowns with the floppy noses? Hard to visualize? Well, Emma Dean reckons that her music can certainly be an aid in creating this sort of vivid setting.
How was the journey up to your latest album, "Dr Dream and the Imaginary Pop-Cabaret"?
Long and bumpy... with a few detours to stop and smell the roses... mostly up hill... then a few stacks which lead me skidding down the hill on my bum (ouch!) ...some memorable characters... some characters I wish were not so memorable... some characters that I've decided to bring with me along the way (hopefully they'll be featured in the next season, too) ...and always, ALWAYS a theme tune playing in the background.
Does your upbringing in Brisbane, Australia influence how you pen your music?
I'm not sure. I've never been brought up anywhere else. I've always strived to sing and write like me. I like when I hear splashes of my Australian speaking voice shining through in my songs. After years of wishing I sounded like anyone and everyone else, I'm now very content and comfortable just to sound like me.
Please sum up one of your favourite songs from your latest album in a haiku.
Bigger Than You Bigger Than Me
circus freaks unite!
a sea of multi-colours
we are not afraid
Any plans to tour North America?
No immediate plans but I am hoping to travel there in early 2012 to holiday and play some solo shows. That is, unless something AMAAAZZZINNNGGGG happens before then. The lottery perhaps? Or maybe Oprah gives away some more free plane tickets? I'm going to put that out to the universe right... now... Hmmm...
What is the biggest reason why you're in the music business?
To make huge amounts of money... ha! That was a joke. The real answer is because I believe this is my calling. My passion. My purpose.
Do you believe that the theft rate for hearts has risen in your neck of the woods?
You have noooo idea. It's so intense here in Sydney AND it's spreading! Just the other day, my neighbour had his heart stolen by some young girl. Can you believe it? Something really needs to be done about this. We need to band together and make a stand. I've started a blog called "Get The F**k Away From My Heart, OKKKK!!!" just to get the word out and warn innocent people about the dangers of those pesky heart pirates. I hope they know I'm on to them... (hehe).
You can find out more about Emma Dean, her music and where she's entertaining audiences at www.emmadean.com.

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