York Region in Pictures
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We present a very different point of view when it comes to this municipal election year, and we have also made it an important task to ask candidates some very relevant questions. It's about bringing the issues home to you, to decide.
This section is an updated photo essay featuring snaps taken from locations across York Region. These photos show the constant changes we see and the places we normally don't think about throughout the community.
York Region (and Southern Ontario for that matter) is our home. There's always an interesting discovery or two when we're closer to home, so we've decided to show you what we see by presenting this local travel series.
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Interesting, simple, and funny alternative coverage to the Fall election season across North America as Canadians decide who forms the next government while American residents face "the" Presidential race of their lives.
The biggest issue we faced as a province during the election of 2007 was the choice to change the way we vote to a proportional system. Electors were confused with two ballots, and the referendum concerning the issue was defeated.
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