Community Artists Program
Are you an indie artist? Send us your music and we'll air it for you.
Do you have smooth sounds, or have a rocking band?
Continental Associate Broadcasters (the 1KX Network) is committed to bringing indie artists and community-based music.
Why? We welcome independent and desginated CAP artists because they attract more than just downright commercialism. We're not here to make money but to make imagination.
- Artists may submit music to us for the purpose of artist promotion;
- They are allotted certain times where their music is priority.
As well, The CAP includes:
- Expanded guidelines in which music to accept or reject;
- More autonomy for individual stations in approving these new artists;
- Expanded times to have independent music having a presence twenty-four hours a day seven days a week.
So, what are you waiting for?
Send your tracks in an e-mail, with an attachment in mp3 or ogg format, to any of the following CAP members:
Phillip Hong
- Executive Second, SRN Mediaworks Broadcasting
- srnmediaworks AT
James Lowe
- Program Director, KJAG Radio
- kjagradio AT
Please Note: By submitting your music, under the Community Artists Program of the 1KX Network, you agree to give us broadcast rights to your music. Please keep in mind that we regard your submission with much respect, and will use your music appropriately if you choose to submit through CAP.
Network 1KX is a collaborative internet radio network brought to you by dedicated affiliates, bringing interesting, informative and entertaining programming coupled with indie music straight from the artist.
For more information on Network 1KX, visit one of our local affiliates' websites and e-mail the Station Manager. They'll find a way to help you with your inquiry.
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