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Cotolo is best known in radio as the writer and on-air player for the legendary Wolfman Jack. Frank logged thousands of radio hours with the great personality, including programs that were rough-edged and groundbreaking before the "shockjock" era.
"Suburbia must have shined down on me, because even though I was born within the current City of Toronto, I was out of the womb precisely on Moving Day (to my hometown, Brampton). I must have been the house warming gift."
Our resident tough person. "The profile, the personality he possesses is one of unique perplexity. It is rare to find people who admire the Kung Fu strategy of Bruce Lee and at the same time admire the acting in shows such as Smallville."
Since 1987, Christopher J. Wray has used unique and unusual sounds for his albums. With music spanning the ambient, symphonic electronic and progressive electronic genres, he has managed to create a unique style gaining a fanbase.
Unabashed, unafraid and certainly not quiet. Former internet shock jock turned political commentator The Jiggy Jaguar is talking about everything you can think of out here. We talk about the internet, politics, pop culture, news, sports, et cetera.
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