The tasteful chooser in the world of hobbies.
Michael Huynh was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. Bringing the style of parody to the mix, Mike, as part of the PLL in the Morning team, developed a more cynical sense of humour.
Mike is an original Phil Liz and Lucy staff member and correspondent. Over the years, he has brought some interesting features, including the soft-speaking Vietnamese-Canadian pharmacist, Mr. Tam and Mike's Bastards, ranting about certain issues albeit within a thirty-second recording time.
He is also the co-host of Centre Street, current affairs staple.
Interests: Sports, Martial Arts.
Mike has always had the tasteful interest of eventful movies. With an eye on interests such as martial arts, Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story is an obvious favourite. As well, Rush Hour, The Grudge, and Resident Evil make up his list of favourite movies.
Favourite TV shows: Smallville and The Simpsons.
The profile, the personality he possesses is one of unique perplexity. It is rare to find people who admire the Kung Fu strategy of Bruce Lee and at the same time admire the acting in shows such as Smallville.
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