Network 1KX is proud to present programming that comes from all walks of life. See life in action, fantasy, with an interesting view or two in mind.
An interesting mix of independent music along with quotes and interviews with the artists behind the scenes of each and every track. Presented by Phillip Hong and Michael Huynh, it's a show that's simply simple.
Take the elements of a variety programme, and mush it with bits of opinion, travel, interviews, plenty of local news and a bit of justified anger. "Mornings" is the by-product of this unusual melding of flavours, with plenty of starch.
Put the kettle on, will you? Britons and coffee-drinkers alike will admire the more abstract sounds of Audio Coffee. If you like it mad on a Sunday, look no further. Bringing happiness to coffee stand owners around the world.
Cotolo Chronicles is the foremost alternative broadcast in the world, predating the controversial and popular podcast and breaking ground by defying the usual, tired formats. Hosted by the "Generalissimo" of talk, Frank Cotolo.
Where the friends and freaks hang out before the live broadcast of "Cotolo Chronicles". We interact and shmooze in casual array for an hour. Join us if you consider yourself a friend, a freak, a freaky friend or a friendly freak.
Women, wrestling, and views. The principles that give live talk radio an edge like none other, the Jiggy Jaguar Show brings together an interesting medley that makes a head-banger bang. The perfect approach every week.
During the summer, independent Toronto comes alive with the latest music from the artists of Toronto Experimental Artists. No matter where you are, or whether you are able to attend the event, we deliver the concert straight to your earbuds.
Our first original travelogue-style programme, featuring the written pieces of Phillip Hong about life in foreign places. This voyeuristic look into Phil's way of travel has been an interesting experience, with plenty to listen to.
Network 1KX is a collaborative internet radio network brought to you by dedicated affiliates, bringing interesting, informative and entertaining programming coupled with indie music straight from the artist.
For more information on Network 1KX, visit one of our local affiliates' websites and e-mail the Station Manager. They'll find a way to help you with your inquiry.
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