The following list are the affiliates that make up Network 1KX, the world's alternative radio broadcasting network. Playing all genres of music to talk programming that challenges the norm. Network 1KX is here to bring an alternative point of view to the world.
The Spirit of South York. Network 1KX's flagship affiliate has several years of broadcasting behind their backs, with indie music and programming that entertains and brings information that is relevant to York Region to you.
Forget the soft individuals of mainstream radio. KJAG Radio is the ultimate place for any and all "attitude", with music that'll make your head bang and programmes that brings "shock" to shock jocks.
Network 1KX is a collaborative internet radio network brought to you by dedicated affiliates, bringing interesting, informative and entertaining programming coupled with indie music straight from the artist.
For more information on Network 1KX, visit one of our local affiliates' websites and e-mail the Station Manager. They'll find a way to help you with your inquiry.
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