Headlines for the week of 13 December, 2007
Air Canada flight makes emergency landing
An Air Canada flight made an emergency landing in Winnipeg earlier Thursday evening. A spokeswoman for the Winnipeg Airports Authority said that the flight from Calgary to Toronto made the unscheduled stop due to avionic issues, the electronics in aircraft. Passengers will be stranded for at least a little while in order to see if the plane suffered major damage.
NDP MPP vows to ban wooden fire escapes
Wooden fire escapes on buildings may be on their way out, if the Ontario New Democrats have their way. An MPP has introduced a bill to rewrite the fire code in order to ban the dangerous contraptions, but only if the provincial government buries their partisan hatchet according to NDP MPP Michael Prue.
WSIB to relaunch controversial ad campaign in January
The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board of Ontario makes no apologies and will relaunch a controversial ad campaign about work safety in January.
One of their ads included an aspiring chef who is suddenly burned with hot oil after declaring the mistake.
The weather for York Region: Definitely not the 350 degrees Fahrenheit required to cook under hot oil, but we're bracing for a possible snowstorm in the weekend.
Highs reaching around just the freezing mark.
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